Stop All Funding to Notre Dame Until Father Jenkins Resigns



Stop All Funding to Notre Dame Until Father Jenkins Resigns

“Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which suggest support for their actions.” — The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2004

Dear Father, How many Notre Dame female students will be influenced by your radical “Pro-Choice” position and end up killing their baby?

Dear Father, How many babies will needlessly die because you exonerated and glorified a radical president who supports unrestricted baby killing? Is “Thou shall not kill.” no longer a commandment?

Dear Father, How many students, who come to Notre Dame as practicing Catholics, tragically lose the Faith, because of poor Catholic leadership and teaching, similar to what you are now displaying?

Dear Father, To save the integrity of Notre Dame and for the future well being of this university, you must now take responsibility for this scandal and immediately resign.

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One Comment on “Stop All Funding to Notre Dame Until Father Jenkins Resigns”

  1. Jim Anderson Says:

    Great web site! Father Jenkins must be reminded that being for “Choice” and “Reproductive Health” is not very pretty. Shame on Father Jenkins for ever allowing this scandalous event to occur at a Catholic university! What part of murder doesn’t Father understand?

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