A Real Shame at Notre Dame


A Real Shame at Notre Dame!

Father Jenkins supports Obama:
There must be no distortion,
This president strongly supports,
Having unrestricted abortion!

This Catholic college,
That once stood for life,
Now prefers killing babies,
With forceps and knife.

“Thou shall not kill.”
No longer applies,
Notre Dame has bought,
A package of lies.

The Golden Dome,
Now drips bloody red,
For it’s OK for babies,
To be dismembered and dead.

The Golden Dome,
Now represents a tomb,
It supports tearing babies,
From their mother’s womb.

The Fighting Irish,
Have lost their moral light.
They no longer can tell,
What is wrong or right.

What have students learned,
If killing babies is OK?
Have they forgotten God,
Who they’ll see on Judgement Day?

What morals are taught
at Catholic Notre Dame?
If killing unborn babies
Is no longer a shame?

What kind of education,
Does Father Jenkins support,
When he doesn’t defend life,
But a president who aborts?

The Fighting Irish,
Moral cowards indeed,
They deny their own Faith.
And let murder proceed.

Take Jesus down
From the library wall.
ND’s abortion support,
Is a scandal to all!

Take Our Lady down
From the Golden Dome,
Install a statue of Obama,
So Jenkins feels at home.

It’s N.D.’s greatest loss,
Her Faith is down the drain.
If killing babies is a right,
The school has gone insane!

The martyrs and saints
Gave their lives for Our Lord,
But Notre Dame cowards,
Will give Obama an award.

ND sold out their Faith,
To bow down to a man.
They deny human life,
And have blood on their hands.

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